If you thought Lululemon only creates amazing Yoga gear, you are wrong. Their new capsule collection, dubbed Lucent, especially customized for runners, will make sure you shine bright no matter the hour. The four items—tights, shorts, a jacket, and a tank—all feature an innovative new design with reflective threading that becomes a print itself.

Antonia Iamartino, Lululemon’s future concepts designer, tells in the press reales “We designed the Lucent collection to seamlessly blend function with beauty in a new light” “Through a rigorous design and testing process, we were able to innovate—and elevate—how we use reflective thread, taking it from a strictly technical purpose to an elegant design element without compromising fabric functionality.”


The collection are available online and in stores for a limited run starting March 15, with prices ranging from $88 to $198. Dark morning runs? No problem. Bring it on.